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Nevada 2008 General Election Ballot Measures


Question 1 - Voting Eligibility

Summary: An amendment that would remove language from the constitution requiring that a person who is otherwise eligible to vote must reside in Nevada for six months before being entitled to vote. This would allow a 30-day requirement to now apply to both state and local residency.

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Question 2 - Eminent Domain

Summary: Would amend the constitution to provide that the transfer of property from one private party to another private party is not considered a public use; to provide that property taken for a public use must be valued at its highest and best use; to provide that fair market value in eminent domain proceedings be defined as the "highest price the property would bring on the open market;" and to make certain other changes related to eminent domain proceedings.

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Question 3 - Property and Sales Tax Exemptions

Summary: Would amend the constitution to require that, before it can enact an exemption from property tax or from sales and use tax, the Nevada Legislature must: 1. make certain findings regarding the social or economic purpose and benefits of the exemption; 2. ensure that similar classes or taxpayers must meet similar requirements for claiming exemptions; and 3. provide a specific date on which the exemption will expire.

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Question 4 - Amending the Sales and Use Tax Act of 1955

Summary: Would amend the Sales and Use Tax Act of 1955 to authorize the Legislature to amend or repeal any provision of this Act without an additional direct vote of the people whenever necessary to carry out any federal law or interstate agreement for the administration, collection or enforcement of sales and use taxes, and to repeal an exemption from the taxes imposed by this Act on certain aircraft and aircraft compontents.

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