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South Dakota 2008 General Election Ballot Measures


Constitutional Amendment G - An Amendment to Repeal Certain Reimbursement Restrictions for Travel by Legislators to and from a Legislative Session

Summary: Currently, the constitution fixes the mileage reimbursement rate for legislators at five cents per mile for their travel to and from a legislative session. This amendment would repeal that limitation.

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Constitutional Amendment H - An Amendment to Repeal Certain Provisions Relating to Corporations

Summary: Currently, the constitution limits “corporations” to business entities with powers or privileges not possessed by individuals or partnerships. It also requires the payment of money, property or labor for issuance of corporate stock and bonds; prohibits the increase of corporate stock and debt without consent of stockholders holding a larger value of stock first obtained; and protects cumulative voting rights of stockholders. This amendment would appeal these provisions and permit a 2008 Legislative Session bill to become law. The law would allow a corporation to restrict cumulative voting and to issue corporate stock for any consideration determined to be adequate by its board of directors.

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Constitutional Amendment I - Provide for a Maximum of Forty Legislative Days Each Year

Summary: Currently the constitution limits the length of regular legislative sessions held during odd-numbered years to no more than forty legislative days, and those held during even-numbered years to no more than thirty-five legislative days. The amendment would set all regular legislative sessions at a maximum of forty legislative days.

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Constitutional Amendment J - Eliminate Term Limits for Legislators

Summary: Currently, the constitution establishes term limits for legislators. No legislator may serve in the house or the senate for more than four consecutive terms, or a total of eight consecutive years. This amendment would repeal legislator term limits.

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Initiated Measure 9 - South Dakota Small Investors Protection Act

Summary: An initiative to make certain securities practices and transactions unlawful. State law currently does not regulate the time frame for the delivery of securities upon sale.  Measure 9 would prohibit anyone from routinely taking longer than three business days to deliver securities they have sold. 

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Initiated Measure 10 - South Dakota Open and Clean Government Act

Summary:This measure would prohibit state and local governments, their officers, employees, independent contractors, consultants and candidates, from using government revenues or resources for campaigning or lobbying. Some communications and appearances before legislators and public bodies are exempted. It would prohibit campaign contributions from people associated with both competitively bid and no-bid government contracts. The Secretary of State would be required to summarize government contracts over $500 on its Web site.

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Initiated Measure 11 - Reinstate the Prohibition Against Abortion

Summary: Currently a woman may obtain an abortion during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy.  Beyond 24 weeks, abortions may be performed only if necessary to preserve the life or health of the woman. Measure 11 would prohibit all abortions performed by medical procedures or substances administered to terminate a pregnancy, except for:  abortions medically necessary to prevent death or the serious risk of substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily organ or system of the woman; and abortions to terminate a pregnancy of less than 20 weeks resulting from rape or incest reported to law enforcement. 

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