July | August 2017




Innovation Classrooms at CSG’s National Conference

The Council of State Governments’ National Leadership Center’s latest initiative, Sharing Capitol Ideas 2.0—SCI 2.0—is training state leaders in how to use technology to communicate with constituents and how that same technology is changing their constituents’ lives.
The SCI 2.0 content is designed to give state leaders useful insights they can use immediately. In recent years, the programming has focused on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Alerts, inbox management, online identity protection, better understanding of privacy settings and other online best practices.
Bridgepoint Education is one of two CSG private sector partners that will educate state policymakers on how technology is impacting the states during CSG’s National Conference in Austin, Texas.
“Technology has revolutionized the way we do business, the way we socialize, and the way we learn by redefining how we access and process information,” said Melissa Garrett, associate vice president for government affairs for Bridgepoint Education. “We are excited to showcase our mobile education technologies and to share valuable lessons we learned in the process with legislative leaders and policymakers.”
Bridgepoint will present “Innovations in Education: How Technology Changes Everything” at 2:15 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 1, and Sunday, Dec. 2. Bridgepoint Education has launched a suite of dynamic, electronic textbooks to improve accessibility, reduce costs and greatly improve the student’s experience with digital content. Electronic textbooks can provide students with an engaging textbook accessible from any device with content tailored to specific learning outcomes.
Esri Inc. will present “Putting Maps into your Social Media” at 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 1, and Sunday, Dec. 2. The session will walk attendees through the processes of finding and exploring a map in ArcGIS Online, configuring a map to suit your needs, and incorporating your maps into presentations and Web applications.
Similar to CSG’s social media boot camps, the sessions will be held in a classroom setting in the Exhibit Hall.



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