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Webinar Planned on Advancing Solar Support Programs

The principal barrier to the widespread adoption of solar photovoltaic systems is cost—it’s just expensive to do. Many states have established incentive programs to make these systems more affordable.
The Clean Energy Group and The Council of State Governments—which have joined in a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar America Initiative—will host a free webinar June 2 to brief officials on how states are supporting the development of solar energy projects and markets. A panel of leading state solar program managers will discuss the lessons learned and describe how states are revising and crafting new programs to advance solar markets.
Mark Sinclair, vice president of Clean Energy Group, will facilitate and frame the session. Sinclair will describe the characteristics and objectives of an effective solar support program and recent innovations by states to advance solar markets. The webinar will also feature program representatives from four leading solar states—California, Connecticut, Maryland and New York—who will describe their general approach and the unique features of their programs, and offer advice for other states.
The three major types of policy support at the state level are incentives, renewable portfolio standards with solar set-asides and support for local infrastructure. The panel will explore the merits, challenges and effectiveness of each approach in advancing self-sustaining solar markets. 
CSG and the Clean Energy Group have also developed a member listserv—the PV Peer Network—as a forum for state leaders to share information and ideas, ask questions about solar programs and policies, and announce upcoming solar events.Webinar details and access information for this event will be distributed via the PV Peer Network listserv in May. To become a member of the listserv and receive periodic notices of this and other informational events, e-mail contact information to Maria@cleanegroup.org and put “PV Peer Network” in the subject line.
For more information about the PV Peer Network, including materials for this and past webinars, visit the States Advancing Solar Web site.


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