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States Face Rocky Roads in Transportation Funding

By Sean Slone, CSG Transportation Policy Analyst
It’s been a difficult year for transportation finance at the state level. Legislation reauthorizing federal transportation programs is not expected from Washington until next year.
It appears unlikely that states will get an infusion of cash to fund transportation projects on the order of the one they got last year with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. And concerns about a still nascent economic recovery and an anti-tax fervor in the electorate are making state officials reluctant to raise additional revenues to pay for projects.  
Despite all that, a handful of states are making a big splash this year in choosing to fund transportation improvements:
In other recent developments:
But developments elsewhere in the country have some transportation advocates concerned. Anti-tax sentiments in Colorado have spawned three ballot measures that voters will consider this fall. Those measures would, among other things, prohibit the state from taking on new debt, restrict local governments’ ability to borrow, and eliminate or reduce most state and local taxes and fees on vehicles. If approved, the measures could have a huge impact on how much the state is able to spend on transportation in the future.


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