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Meet the 2010 Toll Fellows

By Krista Rinehart, CSG Toll Fellowship Program Director
The class of the 2010 Henry Toll Fellowship program was selected during The Council of State Governments’ Economic Summit of the States last month.
The Toll Fellowship Program, named for CSG founder Henry Wolcott Toll, is one of the nation’s premier leadership development programs for state government officials. Each year Toll Fellows brings 40 of the nation’s top state government officials from all three branches to Lexington, Ky., for an intensive six-day, five-night “intellectual boot camp.”
The program’s agenda includes a lineup of dynamic speakers and sessions designed to stimulate personal assessment and growth while providing priceless networking and relationship building opportunities. While each year’s program is unique, previous programs have included sessions on leadership personality assessment, media training, crisis management, appreciative inquiry, adaptive leadership and much more.
Class members are selected from each of CSG’s four regions:
  1. Vermont Rep. Christopher Bray
  2. New York Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat
  3. Maine Rep. Mark Eves
  4. New Hampshire Assistant Commissioner of Revenue Margaret Fulton
  5. Connecticut Rep. Linda Gentile
  6. New Hampshire Rep. William Hatch
  7. Connecticut Director of Public Affairs Adam Jeamel
  8. Puerto Rico Associate Justice Rafael Martinez
  9. Massachusetts Trial Court Chief Justice Steven Pierce
  10. Virgin Islands Special Assistant Rebecca Smock
  1. Mississippi Rep. Dirk Dedeaux
  2. North Carolina Senior Policy Adviser Laura DeVivo
  3. Missouri Judge Doug Gaston
  4. Tennessee Sen. Delores Gresham
  5. Georgia Policy Director Erin Hames
  6. Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett
  7. Texas Rep. Eduardo Lucio
  8. Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice John Minton
  9. Louisiana Rep. Ricky Nowlin
  10. Arkansas Director of Policy and Planning Dawn Zekis
  1. Iowa Rep. Richard Anderson
  2. Michigan Rep. James Bolger
  3. Minnesota Rep. Matt Dean
  4. Ohio Sen. Teresa Fedor
  5. Kansas Sen. Laura Kelly
  6. Kansas Sen. Carolyn McGinn
  7. North Dakota District Judge Daniel Narum
  8. Iowa Rep. Jo Oldson
  9. South Dakota Corrections Secretary Timothy Reisch
  10. Ohio Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Stratton
  1. Idaho Rep. Cliff Bayer
  2. Hawaii Rep. Pono Chong
  3. Nevada Supreme Court Justice Mark Gibbons
  4. Northern Mariana Islands Director of Courts Tracy Guerrero
  5. Idaho Sen. Jim Hammond
  6. Utah Human Resources Executive Director Jeff Herring
  7. Alaska Sen. Linda Menard
  8. Oregon Insurance Administrator Teresa Miller
  9. Utah Rep. Jennifer Seelig
  10. Nevada Assemblywoman Debbie Smith


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