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The West’s Chance to Weigh in
on Asia-Pacific Leaders’ Forum

By Edgar Ruiz, CSG-West Deputy Director
The 2011 CSG-WEST annual meeting will take place against a backdrop of ongoing international preparations for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, known as APEC, Leaders Meeting scheduled for November in Honolulu.
APEC serves as a multilateral forum where leaders of 21 Asian and Pacific economies convene to solve economic problems and develop strategies for cooperation in key economic sectors.
As host of this year’s APEC, the U.S. is holding key meetings with senior officials throughout the year. These meetings will culminate in recommendations to the leaders of world economies during the APEC Leaders Meeting in Hawaii. 
The timing and setting of the CSG-WEST annual meeting, scheduled for July 30-Aug. 2 in Honolulu, provides a strategic opportunity to learn and discuss the relevance of APEC to the Western region.  The CSG-WEST meeting also offers a conduit for state legislators to promote ideas for greater subnational cooperation for consideration by APEC leaders. 
Collectively, the 21 economies of APEC represent nearly half of the world’s population, nearly half of the world trade and more than $31 trillion in economic output, or gross domestic product. CSG-WEST policy committees will consider a variety of issues that correlate to topics of interest to APEC, such as energy, trade, transportation and innovation.
During the CSG-WEST annual meeting, the prestigious East-West Center, which is based in Honolulu and is a key partner of the 2011 APEC Host Committee, will convene a forum from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, July 30, titled “Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation: Challenges, Trends and Opportunities for the U.S. and Western States.” Three leading East-West Center experts will highlight the progress of APEC ministerial meetings.   
This CSG-WEST forum will give legislators and other participants an opportunity to weigh in on topics such as U.S.-Asia trade policy and the global energy outlook.  The goal of this session is to produce general consensus among participating legislators on broad Asia-Pacific policy issues for consideration by the CSG-WEST Executive Committee. The Executive Committee in turn will advance these views to the U.S. State Department, which is the lead federal agency coordinating this year’s APEC meetings.
This is a unique opportunity for Western lawmakers during the CSG-WEST Annual Meeting.  For more information about the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation session, contact Edgar Ruiz, deputy director of CSG-WEST, at (916) 553-4423 or via email.

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