July | August 2017





Effective Policies for STDs

By Debra Miller, CSG Director of Health Policy
Each year, 19 million Americans are newly diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases--and nearly half occur in young people ages 15 to 24. However, less than half of those at risk of these diseases--which includes HIV, the infection that can lead to AIDS--are tested for the infections.
New CSG state profiles highlight effective state policies recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to address sexual health and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
Each profile provides the latest statistics for states and Puerto Rico on HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and teen pregnancy. But more significantly, the profiles provide answers to the question, “what can be done?”
Click your state on the national map to get up-to-date statistics and analysis of research-proven state actions to prevent HIV/AIDS, STIs and teen pregnancy.

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