July | August 2017


Prescription Drug Abuse: The New Front in the War on Drugs

States are in the midst of fighting a new war on drugs—prescription drug abuse.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, prescription drug abuse is a national epidemic more deadly than crack cocaine or heroin use. By May, 40 states had developed programs to keep close watch on prescription drugs—33 of those programs are operational.
But there is little uniformity, information-sharing and cooperation among the states. A new compact developed by The Council of State Governments, through the National Center for Interstate Compacts, aims to address that issue.
An advisory committee, chaired by Kansas Sen. Vicki Schmidt, endorsed the formation of an interstate compact during its first meeting, and established the ambitious goal of drafting legislation for introduction in the states in 2011.
While CSG, the advisory group and the legislation drafting team are committed to resolving issues around information-sharing, the stakeholders want states to maintain autonomy to develop and operate their prescription drug monitoring programs.

Compact Checklist

The compact will:
The compact will not: