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Who is CSG?


Relevant Information at Your Fingertips

CSG Regions »

Regional by design, CSG is a national community with six offices across the U.S. The headquarters office is in Lexington, Ky., and the federal affairs office is located in Washington, D.C. Regional offices are located in Atlanta, Chicago, New York City and Sacramento. All CSG members have the opportunity to participate on two levels—regional and national. This structure invites focused participation from members on a more intimate, regional level and also provides a national community to exchange information and ideas.
CSG’s Washington, D.C., office provides state leaders a voice in Congress. The Washington office monitors federal developments and trends and evaluates the impact of federal activities, including U.S. Supreme Court decisions, on states. The CSG Washington office is well positioned to continue growing the partnerships between the states and the federal government.

CSG Affiliates »

Through affiliation with CSG, national organizations of state officials can share ideas and combine efforts to accomplish mutual goals. Affiliates contribute specialized expertise, information, resources and issues to the overall mission of CSG. In turn, CSG offers a mechanism by which affiliates may tap into CSG's products and services, and a forum for bringing issues to a broader, collective state audience.

CSG Compacts Center »

CSG assists states in working collaboratively to address problems that span state boundaries. CSG’s National Center for Interstate Compacts serves as an information clearinghouse, provides training and technical assistance, and assists states in the review, revision and creation of new interstate compacts to solve multi-state problems.

CSG Associates »

CSG has long believed private sector involvement in the American governance system is critical to formulate sound solutions to public policy challenges. The CSG Associates Program facilitates this interaction by engaging government affairs professionals in CSG’s program and policy work, its national and regional conferences, and its information network. CSG Associates bring their perspectives to CSG’s state trends identification and analysis process and make significant contributions to its meetings and international exchanges.

CSG Federalism/Advocacy »

The CSG D.C. office serves as an advocate for state governments in Washington, D.C. The office communicates regularly with congressional, agency and White House officials to ensure the interests of states are known and understood. The office helps members understand how their work in state capitols interacts with federal laws and policies. In addition, CSG helps state officials understand how pending and recently passed federal laws will impact their state.

CSG Justice Center »

The CSG Justice Center helps states increase public safety and strengthen communities. The center serves all states to promote effective data-driven practices—particularly in areas in which the criminal justice system intersects with other disciplines, such as public health—to provide practical solutions to public safety and cross-systems problems.

CSG Border Legislative Conference »

The Border Legislative Conference is a joint program of the CSG West and CSG South regions aimed at enhancing collaboration and communication among state legislators of the United States and Mexico. It serves as a mechanism for ongoing dialogue and collaboration among state legislators of the two nations. The goal of the program is to empower border state legislators to engage in the binational agenda and provide input and direction in the development of policy between both countries.

Tools You Can Use

CSG Knowledge Center »

Today’s state government leaders don’t have time to weed through a stack of hundreds of policy documents. They aren’t interested in another white paper buried on their desk. That’s why CSG created the Knowledge Center, an interactive website that serves as a one-stop shop for more than 600 tagged and indexed policy reports, blogs and other policy items. State government officials can browse by topic and, most importantly, quickly find what they’re looking for. They can subscribe to RSS feeds on only the topics in which they’re interested. Within the Knowledge Center, you can find:

Capitol Ideas »

The flagship publication of CSG is a news magazine that shares the best of the best ideas in state government. Its advantageous bimonthly reach of 20,000 state leaders offers unparalleled access to the community of state government. With colorful graphics, lively articles, expert commentary and fact-based reporting, Capitol Ideas keeps decision-makers in all the states in the know.

The Book of the States »

A staple of CSG for more than 75 years, The Book of the States is a state government encyclopedia with essential and hard-to-find information all in one place. Featuring easy-to-read summaries, tables and charts, The Book of the States is an invaluable reference tool that’s withstood the test of time. It provides information, answers and comparisons for all 56 U.S. states and territories. And now, with CSG’s new The Book of the States online Web tool, you have immediate access to the articles, charts and tables of current and past editions. As the Web tool grows, users will be able to access charts and tables in more than 50 different categories and create custom reports based on their queries. This new tool enables unprecedented access to 76 years of historical state information available only from The Council of State Governments.

States Perform »

The States Perform website provides access to interactive information on how states are performing across six key policy areas: education, public safety and justice, energy and environment, economic and fiscal policy, health and human services, and transportation. In a world where states are expected to do more with less, States Perform offers access to interactive, customizable and up-to-date comparative performance measurement data from all 50 states.

Social Media

Recognizing the new ways social media is driving modern policy dialogue, CSG is actively engaged on a number of social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These unique tools allow CSG’s expert policy staff to alert state officials to breaking policy information, events and impacts.

Interstate Compacts Database »

CSG’s National Center for Interstate Compacts maintains the best single resource for state interstate compact statutory information. Search by state, compact name or year of joinder to learn which compacts your state is a member of. Also included is key contact information for each compact in the states, as well as relevant information on national groups which administer interstate compacts. More than 200 different interstate compacts exist today and each state is, on average, a member of more than two dozen agreements.

Connecting Leaders


Leadership Development »

CSG provides members with the opportunity to participate in leadership training at both the national and regional levels. From the premiere Toll Fellowship Program, which offers a weeklong program for officials in all three branches of state government, to regional programs focused on legislators, CSG helps you enhance your skills as a leader.

National & Regional Conferences »

CSG’s national and regional meetings convene state leaders, private sector partners and staff from every region to learn from experts and colleagues around the country. Each conference focuses on issues state leaders are facing today, with an eye toward problem-solving for the future. Upcoming conferences include:






Here for You

CSG is dedicated to getting you what you need, when you need it. If you have any questions about CSG or any of our programs or products, please use the contact information below.


Regional Contacts

CSG East
Wendell Hannaford, Director
(212) 482-2320 | whannaford@csg.org
CSG South
Colleen Cousineau, Director
(404) 633-1866 | fitzgerald@csg.org
CSG Midwest
Mike McCabe, Director
(630) 925-1922 | mmcabe@csg.org
CSG West
Edgar Ruiz, Director
(916) 553-4423 | eruiz@csg.org

Policy & Research Contacts

John Mountjoy, Director of Policy & Research
(859) 244-8256 | jmountjoy@csg.org
Chris Whatley, Washington Director & Deputy Executive Director
(202) 624-5460 | cwhatley@csg.org
Jennifer Horne, Associate Director of Policy and Special Libraries
(859) 244-8198 | jhorne@csg.org
Jennifer Burnett, Program Manager, Research Services and Special Projects
(859) 244-8114 | jburnett@csg.org
Pam Goins, Director of Education Policy
(859) 244-8142 | pgoins@csg.org
Debra Miller, Director of Health Policy
(859) 244-8241 | dmiller@csg.org
Sean Slone, Senior Transportation Policy Analyst
(859) 244-8234 | sslone@csg.org
Sasha Sutcliffe-Stephenson, Director of International Programs
(202) 624-5460 | ssutcliffe@csg.org
Bill Voit, Senior Project Director
Suggested State Legislation & Innovations
(859) 244-8230 | bvoit@csg.org

Membership Services & National Conferences

Kelley Arnold, Director of Membership, Marketing & Media
(859) 244-8258 | karnold@csg.org
Mary Branham, Managing Editor, Print and Multimedia
(859) 244-8188 | mbranham@csg.org
Jessica Clay, Membership Administrator
(800) 800-1910 | jclay@csg.org

Program Contacts

CSG Associates Program
Carol Juett, Director of Development
(859) 244-8119 | cjuett@csg.org
CSG Justice Center
Michael Thompson, Director
(212) 482-2320 | mthompson@csg.org
CSG National Center for Interstate Compacts
Crady deGolian, Director
(859) 244-8068 | cdegolian@csg.org
CSG Border Legislative Conference
Paul Somerhausen, Director
(916) 553-4423 | psomerhausen@csg.org