July | August 2017




Conversations on Health Care

Talking H1N1 Flu with Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr. Damon Arnold
Talking H1N1 and Pandemic Flu Planning with California Emergency Management Secretary Matt Bettenhausen
Talking STD Disparities with David Johnson, STD Disparities Coordinator for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Talking Diabetes with Dr. Francine Kaufman of Medtronic, Inc.
Talking State Health Care Reform with Alan Weil of the National Academy for State Health Policy

Conversations on International Affairs

Talking Involvement with the European Union featuring Mattias Sundholm, spokesperson for the European Commission Delegation to the U.S.

Conversations on CSG

Connecticut Rep. Bob Godfrey Shares his Involvement with CSG
Virginia Sen. Yvonne B. Miller Shares how CSG Helps Her

Conversations on Succession Planning

Puerto Rico Secretary of State Kenneth D. McClintock Shares his Involvement with CSG



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