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CSG Releases Medicaid 101: A Primer for State Legislators

By Wanda Fowler, CSG Health Policy analyst
Besides being the largest public health insurance program in the country, Medicaid may be the most complicated. It’s also taking center stage in the proposed federal stimulus package as states may get additional funding for Medicaid programs.
For an understanding of the basics of this vital program, state policymakers can now turn to the newly released Medicaid 101: A Primer for State Legislators. Medicaid now comprises nearly 22 percent of total state spending and has become the proverbial 800-pound gorilla in the room. As legislators return to their state capitols to tackle budgetary issues, Medicaid will most certainly be at the forefront of those discussions.
This primer will provide information for on how the program is administered, who is eligible, what benefits are provided, recipient cost-sharing and the role of the federal government in both the financing and administration of this program. The primer also includes information on strategies that states are using to finance their Medicaid programs, the effects on the economy and the role of managed care.
And, CSG offers several other informative pieces on Medicaid for legislators to use in their decision-making process, including a Trends in America Facts and Figures brief on Expanding Medicaid and Medicaid Enrollment.


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