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Spring Meeting '09 Summaries



Health Policy Task Force

Business Session

Friday | Nov. 13, 2009 | 1-2:30 p.m.



Co-Chair: Kentucky Sen. Julie Denton
Co-Chair: Alabama Sen. Vivian Davis Figures
I. Welcome and Member Introductions


II. Review & Approval of Meeting Summary from 2009 Spring Meeting


III.Reducing Disparities in HIV and STDS: A policy discussion encore from the Atlanta CSG-CDC workshop in July 2009


IV. Approval of Policy Resolutions


V. Review of Suggested State Legislation


VI. Task Force Staff Activities Report


VII. Adjourn




johnsonDavid Johnson, MPH

Health disparities coordinator, Division of STD Prevention, CDC
David B. Johnson is the first STD disparities coordinator in the Division of STD Prevention within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He joined the CDC in 1983, and his work focuses on identifying the social determinants that contribute to STDs and HIV disparities among communities of color, including populations that have been marginalized due to sexual orientation. 
Johnson, a graduate of  the University of North Texas, was trained in behavioral research and ethnography by the University of Texas at Austin.  During his tenure with CDC, Johnson has received training and education in sexual behavior and orientation, substance abuse and mental health, qualitative research, program planning and evaluation, and community assessment and outreach. 
He has been a guest lecturer at Morehouse College at the School of Public Health and has led courses on HIV, TB, STD and substance abuse.  He has published articles in scientific journals and has served as a consultant and technical adviser for a large pharmaceutical company and numerous state and local health departments.