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State News: August 2009


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Alternatives to Detention When Kids are Arrested


10 Top Population Drops

Local Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Sites
Where Juvenile Detention Populations are Decreasing
Percentage Decrease
1. Green County, Mo. 83%
2. Bergen County, N.J. 80%
3. Hopewell, Va. 78%
4. Bedford County, Va. 76%
5. Petersburg, Va. 74%
6. Multonmah County, Ore. 72%
7. Jefferson County, Ala. 72%
8. Clayton County, Ga. 70%
9. Central/Eastern Ore. 69%
10. Ramsey County, Minn. 68%


States Help JDAI Sites

Several states have contributed financially to JDAI sites. Among them:
• New Jersey appropriated $4 million in 2008 to support juvenile detention reform efforts;
• Alabama matched the Casey Foundation’s grant, doubling the resources for its first sites;
• Washington state appropriated $200,000 the last few years to support JDAI expansion to new counties; and
• Virginia’s State Advisory Group provided a five-year grant to fund evening reporting centers.
Source: “Two Decades of JDAI: From Demonstration Project to National Standard,” a progress report published by the Annie E. Casey Foundation in September 2009.