Nov/Dec 2009

State News: August 2009



Audio & Video from the Voices of Government

Understanding the Stimulus Plan

Economic Recovery Webinar | February 28, 2009
Chris Whatley, CSG Washington Director


Conversations on Domestic Violence Offender Monitoring

Featuring: Diane Rosenfeld
Harvard Law School Professor

Featuring: Joe Russo
assistant director of the National Law Enforcement & Correction Technology Center

Conversations on the Four-Day School Week

Featuring: Gary Sims
principal of the MCCRAY Junior/Senior High School
in Minnesota

Featuring: Noelle Ellerson
policy analyst with the American Association of
School Administrators

Conversations on Internet 2

Featuring: David Jent
Indiana University’s associate vice president
for networks

Featuring: Indiana Rep. Michael Murphy
co-chair of CSG’s Technology Working Group



Conversations on State-Federal Roles in Health Care

Featuring: Catherine Hess
senior program director at the National Academy
for State Health Policy


Conversations on 21st Century Law Enforcement

Featuring: Hawaii Rep. Blake Oshiro
co-chair of CSG’s Public Safety & Justice Task Force

Conversations on Higher Education Affordability

Featuring: Patrick Kelly
senior associate for the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
Featuring: Larry Isaak
president of the Midwestern Higher Education Compact



Conversations on Mitigating the Housing Crisis

Featuring: Vicki Schultz
senior adviser for Consumer Protection
at the Maryland Department of Labor,
Licensing & Regulation



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