“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

When watching the CSG South team hard at work preparing for the largest regional conference of the year, H.E. Luccock’s quote always comes to mind. Since concluding our final state visit for 2022 on June 8 (until next time, North Carolina!) each and every member, from accounting and graphic design to policy and marketing, has pulled in hundreds of hours of planning, event building, and attending to the thousands of last-minute details that, when combined together, create the preeminent forum for Southern legislators and staff. Even still, with host states rotating every year, we could never pull it off without the tireless work and vision of state leadership. To the staff and legislative leaders in Oklahoma who make SLC 2022 possible, we continue to thank you and can’t wait to help you showcase all your beautiful state has to offer.

See you at the 2022 SLC in OKC!!

All the best,

Southern Pulse, June 2022

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