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As co-chairs of The Council of State Governments’ National Task Force on Workforce Development
for People with Disabilities, it is our great pleasure to release this framework, a culmination of intensive
deliberation and research on state level policies to improve the lives of people with disabilities.
The Council of State Governments, or CSG, in partnership with the National Conference of State
Legislatures, or NCSL, convened the National Task Force on Workforce Development for People with
Disabilities. As leading associations representing state policymakers, CSG and NCSL are uniquely poised to
highlight the issue of disability employment at the state level.

The National Task Force oversaw the work of four subcommittees, each focusing on a unique policy area
impacting the employment of people with disabilities: Career Readiness & Employability; Hiring, Retention
& Reentry; Entrepreneurship, Tax Incentives & Procurement; and Transportation, Technology & Other
Employment Supports. Each subcommittee was composed of 10 to 12 state leaders and four to six nonvoting
external advisors representing the private sector, key stakeholders and/or academia.

The members and leadership of the National Task Force have accomplished much in a short amount of time.
In addition to the success of the task force identifying policy options to help state leaders move the needle on
disability employment policy, members of the task force and subcommittees already have signaled policy
movement in their states.

We explore in this work a diverse range of components that can influence the development of the workforce
of people with disabilities. This report serves as a guide on each of the policy areas the task force explored,
designed to assist states in improving the ways the public sector serves people with disabilities and provides
state examples of innovative programs and policies. A key tenet of the framework is having people with
disabilities at the table when policy decisions are made. We encourage you to read the full report for more

Gov. Jack Markell
Sen. Beau McCoy


Download full report >>