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After each major election year, thousands of new state lawmakers are elected for the first time. CSG University is a program designed to help new policymakers jumpstart their time in legislative service and find success in their new roles. The program will introduce newly elected legislators to peers from around the country who share their same passion for public service.

In February and March, CSG University will host virtual sessions featuring tenured state policymakers and senior staff who will share their experiences and expertise to help equip new members with best practices and resources.


What Does Success Look Like

As new members of the legislature set legislative goals and identify ways to grow their leadership experience, many will begin to define what their own personal success will look like during their service. This session will bring together legislative Chamber leaders — Senate Presidents and House Speakers — to share lessons learned during their tenures, choices made as they gained experience and leadership roles and guidance they provide to new members of their own Chambers as they impart in their new legislative journeys.

The ABC’s of Communicating with Constituents

Veteran lawmakers will impart practices and protocols that have worked (and not worked) in their legislative service for communicating with constituents. Establishing norms for sharing the work of the legislature and your efforts as part of the process will be a cornerstone of your legislative service. Peers from around the country will share tips and tricks on managing your inbox, e-newsletters, social media and communicating with your constituents through traditional media.

Dream to Draft: How to Write Effective Legislation

Many new lawmakers run on issues that they plan to champion in the legislature. This session will bring together longtime senior staff and policymakers on best practices for drafting and championing successful legislation. In some states, thousands of pieces of legislation are introduced each year. These experts will share how effective legislation makes it into law.