The phrase "Sharing capitol ideas" is more than just a tag line to the CSG logo. It succinctly defines the mission of the organization. The Suggested State Legislation Program, Toll Fellows Program and 21st Century Foundation play key roles in fulfilling this mission.
Suggested State Legislation (SSL) is a valued series of compilations of draft legislation about topics of current importance to states. CSG publishes SSL drafts in annual SSL volumes. The program does not seek to influence the enactment of state legislation, but to compile draft legislation so states can learn from the experience of others. Legislation submitted to the SSL program is first evaluated by CSG policy experts against the SSL criteria. This legislation is then split into docket books for consideration by the Committee on Suggested State Legislation. The SSL Committee meets at least twice each year to consider submitted legislation for inclusion in the following year's SSL volume. The SSL Committee typically reviews approximately 80 pieces of legislation per meeting, voting to include an average of 30 to 40 bills per SSL volume.
CSG's premier leadership development program began in 1986. The Toll Fellowship Program continues to attract the brightest state officials from all three branches of government to equip them with the skills and strategies to meet the challenges ahead.
CSG created the 21st Century Foundation in 1994 to bring public and private sector members together to help direct funds for priority initiatives.