Table of Contents
Executive Summary
1.1 Motivation
1.2 Research Output
1.3 Citation Impact
2.1 Research Focus
2.2 Case Studies
3.1 Research & Development Expenditures
3.2 Research Space & Efficiency
3.3 Human Capital: Faculty
4.1 Research by Sector
4.2 Research by Usage
4.3 Patents & Patent Citations
4.4 Interstate Collaboration
Conclusion & Appendix
State Pages
The Council of State Governments (CSG) and Elsevier are proud to partner on this report to analyze the research strengths of the United States. Using a variety of data sources, including Scopus—Elsevier’s proprietary abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed research literature—this report assesses where states have a comparative advantage in research and how they can capitalize on those advantages to drive innovation, attract jobs, and foster economic growth.
As the only organization that serves all three branches of state government, CSG plays a unique role in informing and bringing together state decision-makers. A key focus of CSG’s policy work in 2015 is the “State Pathways to Prosperity” initiative, designed to assist states in growing their economies through workforce and economic development strategies based on nonpartisan, evidence-based research. By providing its members and the broader public with comparative state information—particularly which research fields states specialize in and how researchers collaborate across states lines and internationally—CSG aims to spur and inform discussions about research funding and prioritization and how the policy goals of a state align with the goals and expertise of its research institutions.
With more than a century’s experience in providing research information and tools, Elsevier works closely with the global science and health communities. Every day, Elsevier serves more than 30 million scientists, students, and health and information professionals in over 180 countries by delivering journals, books and research databases. Through its unique vantage point on the world of research, Elsevier can help leaders in the world of research shape and implement larger research strategies.
This report combines CSG’s strong state- and national-level policy expertise with Elsevier’s experience in quantitative research performance evaluation to offer state decision-makers a new, data-driven perspective on the strengths of their research institutions and the national and international connections among those institutions.


David Adkins
CSG Executive Director/CEO







Brad Fenwick
Elsevier Senior Vice President,
Global Strategic Alliances









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