What is the Henry Toll Fellowship Program?

The Toll Fellowship Program, named for CSG founder Henry Wolcott Toll, is one of the nation’s premier leadership development programs for state government officials. Each year Toll Fellows brings 40 of the nation’s top state government officials from all three branches to Lexington, Ky for an intensive six-day, five night “intellectual boot camp.” The program’s agenda includes a lineup of dynamic speakers and sessions designed to stimulate personal assessment and growth while providing priceless networking and relationship building opportunities. While each year’s program is unique, previous programs have included sessions on leadership personality assessment, media training, crisis management, appreciative inquiry, adaptive leadership and much more. Take a look at the 2010 Toll Fellows Program Agenda »



What makes the Toll Fellows Program distinctive?

Diversity. . .Toll Fellows brings together a geographically, ethnically and politically diverse group of individuals.
Uniqueness. . .Aimed at developing leaders from all three branches of state government, Toll Fellows assists leaders by providing insights and perspectives not readily available in the course of everyday public service.
Development. . .Toll Fellows provides high-level speakers that stimulate personal assessment and growth, and sessions that provide new team-building skills while helping you revisit the core beliefs that led you into public service. In addition, participants will leave with enhanced communication skills, cutting-edge information and new relationships that cut across state and party lines.
Don’t take our word for it – hear what our distinguished alumni have to say about the Toll Fellows experience.



Who should apply?

The Toll Fellows Program targets mid-career state government officials from all three branches of service. Elected, appointed and merit officials may all apply. Toll Fellows is designed as a “graduate” level program complimenting leadership development programs offered by CSG’s regional offices. It is, therefore, suggested but not required that applicants first complete their respective regional program.
The list of Toll Fellows Alumni is long and distinguished. Past Tolls have achieved great successes including serving as governors, secretaries of state, chief justices, speakers and serving in the US Congress. At present, our alumni boast four governors, seven lieutenant governors, eight secretaries of state, a chief justice, five members of Congress and the current U.S. Secretary of Labor.



How are Toll Fellows selected?

Applications are accepted annually and participants are selected competitively by a panel of eight Toll Fellows Alumni convened during the CSG Spring Conference. Each year 40 participants are selected—10 from each region. In addition, two alternates are chosen per region.
Application packets consist of an application form, one letter of nomination from a member of your state’s leadership, two letters of recommendation, answers to five brief questions and a two-page resume or bio.
Take a look at the Toll Fellows Program Brochure!



How much will it cost?

Participants are only responsible for their transportation to and from Lexington. Toll Fellows are treated to a six-day, five-night stay—meals and program fees included— at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Lexington.



How is the program supported?

Toll Fellows is supported through a combination of private and public funds in addition to CSG general fund monies. The Kentucky Legislative Research Commission is the largest single contributor to the program. Private sector companies—most of whom are also CSG Associates—also contribute to support this program.



Who to contact?

Krista Rinehart
Henry Toll Fellows Program Manager