Casandra Hockenberry is a pivotal member of The Council of State Governments team whose work includes apprenticeships and the Overseas Voting Initiative.

“I manage our new Registered Apprenticeship Data and Best Practices Technical Assistance Center as well as the Overseas Voting Initiative Administrative Data Project and Military Ballot Tracking Program. I spend a lot of time speaking with members about the data for our programs. Sometimes we are requesting that they provide data,” she said. “Other times we are talking about what the data is telling us and asking our members to help us understand the context of the data. I also spend time researching new, innovative programs that our members are developing to do things like improve their workforce, improve elections administration and make voting easier for military and overseas citizens.”

Hockenberry, a Case Western Reserve University School of Law graduate, has an extensive background in law, making her the perfect fit for understanding data and explaining it to members in meaningful ways— one of her favorite parts of the job.

“I love that I get to spend my days learning and helping our members. States are the laboratories of democracy, so getting to help our members innovate and help their states implement successful policies and practices is so exciting,” she said.

Hockenberry wanted to work at CSG so she could make a difference through work that matters to so many.

“I wanted a job where I was able to still make a difference in the world but with a bit less emotional baggage than the public defender’s office. I loved the idea of championing excellence in state government, which often has the most direct impact on citizens,” she said of her work at CSG. “Plus, the café snacks are delicious.”

Hockenberry and her miniature dachshund, Remington McTavish Hockenberry, live in Lexington where she is a member of the Lexington Public Library Board of Advisors. She enjoys reading, watching Pittsburgh sports, and exploring Lexington’s food scene.

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