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Health & Human Services

Long-Term Care Policy Guide for State Policymakers

By Sean Slone States have begun exploring a variety of strategies and policies that seem likely to transform long-term care in the years ahead. The Council of State Governments has
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Increasing Early Childhood Education Training and Credentialing

By Andrew Johnson Research shows that “investments in quality preschool programs bolster student success.” Preschool programs prepare students for success in elementary grades, specifically in areas such as literacy and
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Analysis for States: The Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, a $1.9 trillion economic relief package, was signed by the president on March 11. Part of this package includes the Coronavirus State and
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Featured Work

CSG Mental Health Resource Guide for State Policymakers: Executive Summary

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a significant impact on the nation’s mental health.Fortunately, this global pandemic has also placed a spotlight on both the long-standing challenges in providing mental health services and the programs, policies, interventions, and legal remedies that have proven most effective in addressing those challenges.

Social Isolation and Loneliness: State Policies and Interventions for the post-COVID Era

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated what was already an epidemic of social isolation and loneliness in the United States. As the COVID-19-induced isolation recedes, state policymakers, health care providers, and other stakeholders can look to a broad array of strategies, policies, and interventions to address social isolation and loneliness issues that remain for all ages.

Maternal Mental Health: Strategies to Address Societal and Structural Challenges

Mental health disorders among pregnant and postpartum women are on the rise, yet many women do not seek or receive treatment due to numerous barriers. Those receiving care often get an inconsistent message about preventative measures or whether to continue psychiatric medications during pregnancy. Untreated mental illness among mothers can have profound consequences for succeeding generations and society and perpetuate long-ingrained detrimental drivers of health.

The Team

Sarah Needler

Director of Research
The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation
Sarah Needler is the Director of Research at The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation. Sarah manages member research requests, evidence-based policymaking initiatives, fiscal policy research, health policy projects and the CSG Book of the States. She earned an M.A. in Economics from the University of British Columbia and an M.P.A in International Development from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Carl Sims

Special Projects Manager
The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation
Carl Sims is a Special Projects Manager at The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation. Carl oversees the work of the 2021-22 CSG Healthy States National Task Force, a multi-year project focused on the improvement of state fiscal, civic, economic and workforce and human health. Carl earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Kentucky Wesleyan College and his Master’s of Public Administration from the University of Kentucky’s Martin School.

Dexter Horne

Senior Policy Analyst
The Council of State Governments Center of Innovation
Dexter Horne is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Council of State Governments Center of Innovation. He provides research and logistics support to CSG’s Healthy States National Task Force. Dexter works with private sector partners and Task Force members to develop best practices in civic health, economic and workforce health, fiscal health and human health. Dexter earned his bachelor’s degree in Politics from Centre College and his MPA from the Martin School of Public Policy and Administration.