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2024 CSG Toll Fellowship Application

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Applicant Materials

The following applicant materials are required for your application to be complete. If you do not have the required documents at this time, you may email them as they become available to [email protected]. All required materials are due by 5 p.m. Hawaiian Time on May 1.

Required Documents (please address all materials to the Toll Fellowship Selection Committee):

  • One Letter of Nomination: This letter must be from a member of the applicant’s state government.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation: These letters may be written by anyone you have served with in state government, anyone who has been impacted by your leadership or anyone in a position to evaluate your leadership skills. Letters from chamber leaders and Toll Alumni are recommended, but not required.
  • Current Resume: Resumes must be limited to two printed pages (front and back).
  • Answers to the below applicant questions (250 words or less):
    1. Leadership is about more than your job title or elected office. Tell us about a trait or skill you possess that you think is essential to your success as a leader and give us an example of a situation from your life in which that skill or trait made a difference.
    2. The political world is increasingly polarized, but at CSG we pride ourselves on being a trusted convenor for all state officials. The CSG Toll Fellowship brings together a diverse group of leaders from all over the nation, with different lived experiences, perspectives, ideologies and political affiliations. Tell us how you would contribute to making your Toll Fellowship a welcoming and inclusive experience for every member of the class.
    3. The CSG Toll Fellowship experience is not your typical conference. Every day will be tightly scheduled from early in the morning until late evening. The time will be spent in dynamic, hands-on activities in which you will share with and learn from the other fellows. If selected, you will dedicate significant time away from family, work, and constituents to participate. We will limit distractions, which means you won’t have access to devices, email or social media for much of the day. At times, you may find yourself tired and frustrated. Some Toll alumni have even admitted to nearly canceling their trip to Lexington at the last minute, but are so glad they didn’t, because their experience ended up being transformative. We share all of this to help shape your expectations about the program. The program is designed to be challenging. Tell us how you think you can thrive in such an environment.
    4. In 20 words or less, tell us why you should be a Toll Fellow.
Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, Max. file size: 49 MB.
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Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, Max. file size: 49 MB, Max. files: 6.

    Submit Application

    By submitting this application, I understand and acknowledge the following:

    • It is my responsibility to gain permission to participate in the CSG Toll Fellowship from the appropriate state appointing authority, such as my chamber’s presiding officer, chief justice or governor’s office.
    • I understand that this program is an intense leadership course and not a traditional professional development/policy program. This experience challenges participants to move out of their comfort zones and take an introspective look at their leadership experiences and how they can grow and adapt their leadership competencies. I understand I will be required to engage in active and rigorous activity – both physically and mentally challenging – during the program and I attest that I am physically and mentally capable of such strenuous exertion.
    • I understand that this is a highly competitive application process and that only 12 individuals from each of the CSG regions are selected each year. Given the size of the class, many very qualified applicants will not be selected as a Toll Fellow. Applicants not selected may choose to apply in future years, and many do.
    • If selected for the program, I understand that I must participate in the entire program. The program begins on Sept. 6 at 4 p.m. EDT and concludes at 11 p.m. on Sept. 10. Late arrivals and early departures are not allowed. I understand that I will be expected to be punctual for all phases of the program.
    • If selected for the program, I understand that I am required to be in residence at the Lexington Marriott City Center in downtown Lexington for the entire duration of the CSG Toll Fellowship. I understand that I am responsible for securing my own transportation to the program and I understand that I will be responsible for the cost of my transportation to and from the event, including ground transportation, and hotel incidentals. Many Toll Fellows seek and receive reimbursement from their state agency or legislature for their costs of participation. CSG will provide single room lodging in the Downtown Lexington Marriott for the nights of Sept. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, as well as meals served during the program.
    • If selected for the program, I agree to allow CSG to use my name and likeness, including video and photos, to report on or promote CSG, its leadership development programs and the Toll Fellowship Experience.
    • If selected for the program, I understand that refusing to actively participate in any part of the program may lead to expulsion from the program. Participation is defined as being present and engaged in all activities and functions. Those expelled from the class agree to reimburse CSG for all costs associated with their participation in the program.
    • If I am selected for the program and unable to attend for any reason, I understand that I forfeit my place in the class and must reapply to the program to be considered for a future class. My selection as a Toll Fellow may not be deferred to a future year.
    • I understand that while CSG maintains sole ownership and discretion over the program content and events, private sector and/or foundation resources may be used to help underwrite costs. I certify that my participation follows all applicable rules, regulations, and laws.
    • I understand that I may be dismissed from the program and the program may be canceled at the sole discretion of CSG.