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CSG Center of Innovation

Through CSG, policymakers can access options and solutions derived from evidence-based practice, nonpartisan research and peer-to-peer learning. The Council of State Governments focuses on public policy issues that impact states across the country and provide analysis to facilitate a better understanding of existing and developing issues to access potential solutions.

CSG Justice Center

The CSG Justice Center is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that combines the power of a membership association representing state officials in all branches of government with policy and research expertise to develop strategies that increase public safety and strengthen communities.

State Recovery Resource Center

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act of 2021, a $1.9 trillion economic relief package, was signed by President Joe Biden on March 11. Much of the funding included will have impacts on states, both in their budgets and in the specific policies they enact. The Council of State Governments (CSG) is providing our members with ongoing analyses of the various components of the ARP and other resources states leaders can use to inform state economic and civic recovery.

COVID-19 & the States

CSG remains committed to monitoring COVID-19 and its impacts in the states and providing up-to-date resources to our members. The special COVID-19 Resources for State Leaders website compiles executive orders, vaccine distribution information, and data and prediction models and other tools to help elected and appointed officials.

CSG Committees & Task Forces

The Council of State Governments works for you. Our committees and task forces are formed to examine shared state public policy issues and find solutions to the issues states are facing. This member-driven work offers innovative public policy solutions, case studies, state examples and opportunities to improve communities.

CSG Forecast for Legislative Leaders

This series features roundtable discussions with leading experts brought together to equip state legislative leaders with insights and data-driven information to help them lead in a time of unparalleled crisis. Legislative leaders are invited to connect in a trusted, non-partisan environment for candid and collegial discussions among peers and leading experts.

CSG National Center for Interstate Compacts

NCICI assists states in developing interstate compacts, which are contracts between states. We know state governments often prefer to direct themselves collaboratively when addressing problems that span boundaries. NCIC promotes multi-state problem solving and advocates the role of the states in determining their respective futures.

CSG Policy Academy Series

These programs provide customized training and a deeper dig on critical policy topics facing the states. Rather than exploring a topic for several hours only, a policy academy allows state leaders to unpack the complexities of an issue during a day-long or multi-day event.

Events & Meetings

One of the strengths of The Council of State Governments is its convening power — its ability to bring together elected and appointed officials from all three branches of state government into a nonpartisan and collegial space for conversation, networking and collaboration. Whether in person or virtually, CSG holds events throughout the year including policy academies, task force meetings and its national conference.

Leadership Development

CSG supports state leaders in their commitment to public service and offers national and regional leadership development opportunities to provide members with resources and networking opportunities. These opportunities help policy leaders develop and implement forward-thinking solutions, adapted for each state, to improve and strengthen communities.


CSG connects with its members through a variety of publications to provide resources, the latest information, analysis of timely public policy issues and to showcase the great work of the states. These publications include Capitol Ideas magazine, The Current State weekly newsletter, Shared State Legislation and The Book of the States.

State & Local Legal Center

The State and Local Legal Center files amicus curiae briefs in support of states and local governments in the U.S. Supreme Court, conducts moot courts for attorneys arguing before the Supreme Court and is a resource to states and local governments on the Supreme Court.

Shared State Legislation

Launched in 1941, The Council of State Governments Shared State Legislation is a member-driven process addressing topics of current importance to the states. The program aims to facilitate the sharing of legislative ideas among members and states.

State Talk: News & Resources from CSG

For the latest news, resources, research and policy analysis, visit the CSG State Talk blog. Here, CSG staff post regularly updated, timely and relevant information on issues impacting the states.