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Join us in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Dec. 1-4 for four days of networking with your fellow state elected and appointed officials, learning from CSG researchers and policy analysts, connecting with industry experts and exploring the Land of Enchantment!
As the pandemic entered its second year, CSG embarked on a nine-month partnership with The Commonwealth Fund and assembled a 19-member advisory group of state legislators, executive branch officials and subject-matter experts to highlight challenges and solutions in mental health policy.
This annual honor recognizes the outstanding work of 20 up-and-coming elected and appointed officials from across the country who not only exemplify strong leadership skills but have also demonstrated a true commitment to serving the citizens of their states.

Statement by David Adkins, Executive Director and CEO of The Council of State Governments on the Observance of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Terror Attacks of Sept. 11, 2001

Sept. 11, 2001, dawned as a beautiful day with the kind of clear sky aviators describe as “severe clear.”  Beginning at 8:46 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time that blue sky would darken as the first plumes of smoke began rising from what would become the worst terrorist

Paralympian and Legislator Will Watch, Attend Paralympic Games

While the whole world will be watching the Olympics beginning on July 23, one state legislator has a particular interest in the Olympic and Paralympic games.   “I never miss an Olympic

Biden reaches deal on infrastructure with bipartisan senators

President Joe Biden announced Thursday, June 24, that after meeting with a group of senators from both parties, they had reached an agreement on infrastructure.   This comes after weeks of

CSG Regional Offices

Regional by design, CSG is a national community with six offices across the U.S. The headquarters office is in Lexington, Ky., and the federal affairs office is located in Washington, D.C. Regional offices are located in Atlanta, Chicago, New York City and Sacramento. All CSG members have the opportunity to participate on two levels—regional and national.

CSG remains committed to monitoring COVID-19 and providing up-to-date resources including executive orders, vaccine information and data and prediction models to its members. Visit the CSG COVID-19 Resources for State Leaders website to learn more.

Mississippi state Sen. Hillman Frazier has never been one to shy away from legislation that makes an impact. In 1995, he led a charge in the Mississippi Legislature to ratify the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution. Mississipi became the final state to ratify the  amendment, which abolished slavery in 1865, after having rejected it 130 years earlier.

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Here you can find a library of executive orders filed by all 50 states and territories. Find interactive maps, tables and other infographics to make sure that you are as informed as you can be concerning the ongoing global pandemic.