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Welcome to CSG

The Council of State Governments supports elected and appointed state officials as they take on their important role in public service. Discover what is scheduled for 2024 and learn more about how you can be involved in the nation’s only nonpartisan, nonprofit organization serving all three branches of state government. 

For 90 years, CSG has served state leaders to advance the common good. In that work, we’ve partnered with innovative leaders from corporations, national trade associations and nonprofit organizations to build partnerships, strengthen relationships, share expertise and help identify solutions for states. Learn how you can partner with CSG on this important work.

Each year, CSG recognizes the dedication of 20 up-and-coming elected and appointed leaders from across the U.S. who exemplify strong leadership and a passion for public service. Learn more about how these leaders are making an impact in their states. 

CSG Regional Offices

Regional by design, CSG is a national community with six offices across the U.S. The headquarters office is in Lexington, Ky., and the federal affairs office is located in Washington, D.C. Regional offices are located in Atlanta, Chicago, New York City and Sacramento. All CSG members have the opportunity to participate on two levels—regional and national.

NCIC provides resources and information about interstate compacts, which are agreements between two or more states addressing shared issues. The website features an interactive database of compacts, research publications, news updates, and guidance on the development and implementation of compacts. It serves as a comprehensive resource for policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders involved in interstate collaboration.

Take advantage of what CSG has to offer. Find a list of upcoming programs and events for sponsorship opportunities. As well as, more information about the benefits of becoming a member.

Find the latest news, analysis and content from The Council of State Governments on its State Talk blog. Explore information on public policy impacting the states, federal funding, the American Rescue Plan, COVID-19 and more along with the latest research, publications and information from CSG, its regional offices, its affiliated organizations and partners.

The Latest

Legislative Tracker: Bills to Address Teacher Shortages (2023-2024)

Across the 11-state Midwest, state lawmakers are considering a litany of legislative proposals seeking to address teacher shortages. The table on this page lists legislation introduced and/or enacted during the
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Ranked (Or Rankled?): States Consider Ranked Choice Voting Methods

Throughout American history, the method of elections and voting rules have changed regularly — whether legislatively or through court actions. Currently, a new(er) frontier is forming regarding a form of
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It’s a Grand New Flag!

By Trey Delida “Let’s run it up the flagpole” is a figurative phrase legislators use when workshopping a new idea. Recently, however, the phrase has taken on a literal meaning
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