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CSG National Partnership & Sponsorship Opportunities

At CSG, we believe the states are the laboratories of democracy.
Join us as we bring state leaders together to advance the common good.

Join the CSG Associates Program

Through the Associates Program, corporations, national trade associations and nonprofit organizations can build and strengthen relationship with key decision-makers. Associates Program members receive unparalleled opportunities to:

  • Build relationships with key decision-makers in state government at standing annual regional and national conferences.
  • Share expertise and help identify solutions for states through the sponsorship of signature CSG national public policy convenings.
  • Increase visibility at regional and national leadership development programs.
  • Participate in customized events and research projects.

CSG Regional Offices

Regional by design, CSG is a national community with six offices across the U.S. The headquarters office is in Lexington, Ky., and the federal affairs office is located in Washington, D.C. Regional offices are located in Atlanta, Chicago, New York City and Sacramento. All CSG members have the opportunity to participate on two levels—regional and national.

Sponsor the CSG National Conference

 Each year, The Council of State Governments brings together hundreds of state leaders from all three branches of government and from across the United States, the U.S. territories and Canada at its national conference. This year-end convening spotlights priority public policy issues and emerging challenges facing the states. Meaningful networking opportunities and memorable moments are incorporated into the agenda.

Attendance at the CSG National Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana Dec. 4-7 is expected to exceed 900 state leaders and guests.

View the complete list of partnership opportunities:

CSG National Leadership Development Programs

Henry Toll Fellowship
Sept. 5-10, 2024
Lexington, Kentucky

The Henry Toll Fellowship, named for CSG founder Colorado state Sen. Henry Wolcott Toll, is one of the nation’s premier leadership development programs for state government officials. Each year, the Toll Fellowship brings top officials together for an intensive, five-day leadership bootcamp with sessions designed to stimulate personal assessment and growth, while providing priceless networking and relationship-building opportunities.

Participant Profile: CSG will host 48 state leaders from across the country representing three branches of state government at its national headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. The more than 1,325 Toll graduates include five state/territorial house speakers, three sitting state supreme court justices, eight state/territorial supreme court justices, 10 sitting members of Congress, seven sitting secretaries of state, three attorneys general and two lieutenant governors.

SPONSOR | $10,000

  • One representative from your organization/company is invited to attend the Henry Toll Fellowship program evening social activities, Aug. 16-19.
  • Organization/company name on program and signage.
  • Verbal recognition of sponsorship and introduction during a special event during the Toll Fellowship program.
  • One representative invited to attend the Toll Fellows invitation-only reception at the 2023 CSG National Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Organization/company name listed on signate at the Henry Toll Fellows graduation at the 2023 CSG National Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • One representative invited to sit in the VIP section with the 2022 Toll Fellows class at the graduation event at the CSG National Conference.
  • Organization/company recognized in CSG Capitol Ideas

A lead sponsorship opportunity is also available for the CSG Henry Toll Fellowship. Contact Matthew Terry, development manager, for more information.


CSG 20 Under 40 Leadership Award

The CSG 20 Under 40 Leadership Award recognizes the outstanding work of 20 up-and-coming elected and appointed officials from across the country who not only exemplify strong leadership skills but have also demonstrated a true commitment to serving the citizens of their state/territory. Launched in 2020, CSG will recognize the fourth class of 20 award recipients at the CSG National Conference.

CSG will recognize the fourth class of 20 award recipients at the CSG National Conference.

Participant Profile: State leaders from all 50 states and six U.S. territories, 40 years old and younger. Honorees represent all three branches of state government and demonstrate successes working across the aisle.

  • Opportunity to nominate state leaders for the CSG 20 Under 40 Leadership Award. (Deadline is Aug. 1.)
  • Acknowledgment as sponsor on all nomination and marketing materials sent to chamber leadership and all legislators 40 years and younger in all 50 states and U.S. territories.
  • Invitation (for one) to invitation-only leadership development session for CSG 20 Under 40 Leadership awardees.
  • Verbal acknowledgment at the CSG 20 Under 40 Leadership Awards plenary awards ceremony at the CSG National Conference.
  • Acknowledgment on CSG 20 Under 40 Leadership Award signage at the CSG National Conference.
  • Acknowledgment as a national conference Bronze-level Sponsor.
  • Featured on conference mobile app.
  • Complimentary registration (for two) to the CSG National Conference.
  • Invitation (for two) to the CSG Executive Committee reception at the CSG National Conference.
  • VIP seating (for one) at the plenary awards ceremony at the CSG National Conference.

Greece 2024: CSG Democracy Delegation to the Hellenic Republic
Oct. 13 – 19, 2024
Athens, Greece

The invention of democracy and the tradition of governing by means of political debate among citizens has its roots in ancient Greece. Today, as democracies around the world face the rise of nationalism, populism and authoritarianism, leaders are searching for new ways to ensure democracy thrives and endures. To better understand the current state of democracy, we can learn much by focusing on the origins of this powerful idea.

This unique opportunity will be led by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb. The delegation will have the opportunity to explore the foundations of democracy and bilateral trade relations. This mission will provide an opportunity for delegation members and CSG leaders to learn more about the strong and unique relationship between the United States and Greece as well as opportunities to strengthen these bilateral relations.

Each day will incorporate a mix of policy and cultural exchanges. Pending examples include roundtable discussions with the Hellenic Government and municipal government officials, tours of government facilities and key industrial sites, meetings with the U.S Embassy and U.S. Consulate, and sightseeing. Meetings will take place in and around Athens with excursions to Thessaloniki, Paros and other cultural hotspots.

Participant Profile:

The Council of State Governments will host a delegation of prominent state leaders to the Hellenic Republic, better known as Greece, in the fall of 2024. The itinerary will include opportunities to trace the Grecian origins of American democracy from the early writings of Cleisthenes, the father of Athenian democracy, to the revolutionary words of Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence.

Due to the high value of this international mission, only a limited number of sponsorship opportunities are available for this event. Investors will be required to pay for their own flights and lodging. Presenting Sponsorship is $25,000 and the benefits include the following:


Limited Availability (5 remaining)

  • Opportunity for one representative from the organization to travel with the delegation to Greece.
  • Opportunity to network and attend sessions, tours, meals and special events with state officials and CSG staff.
  • Acknowledgement as a Presenting Sponsor with company and representative information to be included in trip materials.
  • Advanced list of attendees.
  • Opportunity to suggest or to host a site visit or tour of a company location in Greece.
  • Sponsorship recognition at session and/or one-hour reception at the 2024 CSG National Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dec 4-7.


If you are interested in participating in the CSG International Democracy Mission to Greece, please reach out to Margaret Ridley, [email protected].

New Legislative Leaders Academy

CSG is well known for bringing state officials together for intimate, nonpartisan public policy discussions and life-changing leadership development experiences. Recognizing its strength in establishing peer networks among leaders, CSG will provide a new professional and leadership development experience for legislative leaders and equip them with key leadership skills for their new role. The New Legislative Leaders Academy educates participants on the legislative institution, separation of powers, ethics and civility as well as data-driven decision making.

Participant Profile:
Following leadership elections, CSG will invite those legislative leaders new to their roles to participate in the New Legislative Leaders Academy. The inaugural class will be comprised of 20 legislative leaders, which, for the purposes of this program, are defined as caucus chair, whip, majority leader, minority leader, pro tempore, speaker and president.

LEAD SPONSOR | $25,000

  • Opportunity for two organization/company representatives to attend the academy.
  • Opportunity to nominate state legislative leaders for invitation to the academy.
  • Advanced attendee list.
  • Acknowledgement as a lead sponsor on social media, the program website and event signage.

CSG National Public Policy Programs

Medicaid Policy Academies
Sept 2024
Washington, D.C.

CSG is pleased to bridge our Medicaid 101 and Medicaid Leadership policy academies for a weeklong Medicaid Policy Academy. This year’s policy academy will convene two classes to educate and equip state policymakers to provide appropriate oversight over state Medicaid programs. In two separate classes, this program will bring together state administration and legislative officials who are engaged with health care policy for a dive into the policy and conversations surrounding governing Medicaid programs.


Participant Profile:
CSG will convene 30 state policymakers, from both the legislative and executive branches who have experience in health care related oversight looking to deepen their knowledge and discuss issues with their peers.

Sponsorship Levels Coming Soon

Commission on Military and Veterans Affairs
Location and Date TBD

The Council of State Governments is pleased to convene its Commission on Military and Veterans Affairs — a forum for those individuals that have the lived experience of military service or family of those that have served to address issues that are directly impacting our military service members, their families and veterans.


Federal and state public policy that supports military veterans and military families will be better informed and more effective with the coordinated input of public servants with first-hand experience on these issues. The issues that affect military service members, their families and veterans are broad. The agenda for this commission will evolve to address the most pressing issues as they arise. Some of the issues we will address this year are:

  • Mental health and emerging treatments for traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Voting challenges for military service members and their families.
  • Workforce Development and Credentialling for military members post separation.
  • Purple star schools and supporting children of military service members.

Participant Profile:
The commission is comprised of 10 state policymakers from each of the CSG regions. Six to seven of these members will be legislators, the remaining three to four will be executive and judicial branch policymakers.

  • Receive updates prior to the convening, including the advance registration list.
  • Opportunity for two representatives to attend the commission convening.
  • Verbal acknowledgement as a sponsor of the convening during opening remarks and with company logo and representative information in print and online committee materials.
  • Opportunity to nominate program components for future convenings.
  • Receive updates prior to the convening, including the advance registration list.
  • Opportunity for one representative to attend the commission convening.
  • Acknowledgement as a sponsor of the convening with company logo and representative information in print and online committee materials.

CSG Staff Contact Information

Tina Zeff

Executive Lead, Strategic Partnerships & Impact Investments
[email protected]

Margaret Ridley

Senior Manager, Development
[email protected]

Matthew Terry

Manager, Development
[email protected]

Katie Boggs

Development Coodinator
[email protected]