“How many people touched redistricting this year?” Richard Leadbetter asked guests during an Innovation Classroom presented by Esri on Wednesday. “That was GIS. Don’t let the tool get put away and not be used.”

Leadbeater, global manager for state government industry solutions at Esri, and Shannon Valdizon, marketing lead, introduced state leaders to maps and insights that offer insights on a multitude of issues.

One of the largest aggregators and providers of geographically referenced data in the world, Esri curates and provides a variety of location data, including federal demographics, business, lifestyle, tapestry segmentation, imagery, environmental and more. Esri’s teams work daily to provide this ready-to-use, authoritative information so state leaders can immediately pull it into their workflows.

Leadbetter walked leaders through workflows, systems of records and examples of issues that Esri products can address. From the opioid crisis to COVID data mapping, Esri can offer insights that help leaders target efforts to areas of need.

“Do I have services where they need it, or where I want it?” Leadbetter said.

Valdizon demonstrated the Living Atlas of the World, which include tools to understand geographic implications for issues as varied as weather and climate impacts, location of health centers, disability status, substance abuse, homelessness, employment and much more.

“Use your imagination. What the issue that’s keeping you up at night? How can I collect the data, how can I start seeing it? And then the next step is what kind of analysis is going to be useful to not keep me up at night, that might help me sleep better?”

To learn more about Esri, visit: esri.com/en-us/home.

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