Last month, CSG West staff Edgar Ruiz and Will Keyse felt the Aloha spirit during the annual state visit to the Hawaii State Capitol in Honolulu. Many thanks to Senate Majority Leader Dru Kanuha and his wonderful staff for hosting us during the visit. We were able to connect with many members and staff to provide information on CSG West programs and services for the year, as well as learn of pertinent challenges facing the state.

A highlight of the visit included a breakfast gathering for alumni of the Western Legislative Academy (WLA) and members eligible for this year’s WLA. We thank the 45 members that came to join us and celebrate regional professional development. Mahalo to Sen. Chris Lee for the breakfast introduction, and to Senate Majority Leader Kanuha and Representative Troy Hashimoto for the introductions on the Senate and House floors, respectively.

CSG West staff with House Committee on Housing Chair, Representative Troy Hashimoto

In addition to conversations with the leadership teams of Senate President Ronald Kouchi and Speaker Scott Saiki, CSG West staff were grateful to connect with Housing Committee Chairs Rep. Troy Hashimoto and Sen. Stanley Chang and thank them for their initiative in gathering Western housing committee chairs.

CSG West Staff with Senate Committee on Housing Chair, Senator Stanley Chang

We appreciated the insight from each of the Hawaiian members on issues facing the legislature in Oahu and the neighbor islands, and look forward to seeing many of you this summer at the 76th CSG West Annual Meeting in Los Angeles in August.

CSG West staff with Representative Della Au Belatti, who served as CSG West’s House liaison for the 2021-2022 biennium

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