CSG South has released its 2023 Center for the Advancement of Leadership Skills (CALS) Class.

CALS is for current elected or appointed members of state legislatures and judicial and executive branches. The five-day workshop takes selected CALS scholars through activities and instruction focusing on the program’s four central components—communication, conflict resolution, consensus building, and critical decision-making.

Say Hello to the 2023 CALS Class!

  • Representative Solomon Adesanya, Georgia
  • Representative Jennifer Balkcom, North Carolina
  • Representative Heather Bauer, South Carolina
  • Delegate Wayne Clark, West Virginia
  • Representative Elaine Davis, Tennessee
  • Senator Vince Deeds, West Virginia
  • Delegate Lori Dittman, West Virginia
  • Representative Jonathan Dixon, Kentucky
  • Senator Jeremy England, Mississippi
  • Representative Aimee Freeman, Louisiana
  • Representative Lydia Glaize, Georgia
  • Representative John Hodgson, Kentucky
  • Senator Keith Kelley, Alabama
  • Senator Michael Lazzara, North Carolina
  • Representative James Lomax, Alabama
  • Representative Rey Martinez, Georgia
  • Representative Kendra Moore, Arkansas
  • Representative Kimberly New, Georgia
  • General Counsel Taylor Nichols, Alabama
  • Representative Marvin Pendarvis, South Carolina
  • Representative Tim Reeder, North Carolina
  • Representative Suzanne Schreiber, Oklahoma
  • Senator Ally Seifried, Oklahoma
  • Representative Mark Tedford, Oklahoma
  • Senator Kristen Thompson, Oklahoma
  • Representative Matthew Willard, Louisiana
  • Representative Travis Wilson, Missouri
  • Senator Glen Womack, Louisiana

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