By Logan Galimi and Dr. Dakota Thomas

General elections for governor, justice, and state House and Senate occur across six states Tuesday, highlighting notable Election Day 2023 contests. In an additional seven states, ballot measures are up for vote that address areas ranging from election spending and property taxes to project funding.

Statewide Elections
This year, three states — Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi — are holding major executive branch elections for the offices of governor, attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer and state agricultural commissioner. In Pennsylvania, an election is taking place for state Supreme Court justice. Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia are holding elections for state legislature.

Ballot Measures
Colorado, Louisiana, Maine, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas have several referenda on the ballot in 2023. Read our analysis of ballot measures here.

Federal Elections
While 2023 is an off year, meaning there is not a nationwide federal election, some federal special elections are still taking place. Rhode Island is holding a special election for the 1st Congressional District and Utah for its 2nd Congressional District — both of which fill vacancies in the U.S. House of Representatives. A special election is taking place in Nebraska to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Sen. Ben Sasse.

Local Elections
There are also numerous local elections taking place. For more information and to view a comprehensive list highlighting each of those, please view the following resources: local municipal elections (2023) and local ballot measures (2023).

Check out the CSG Elections webpage — — for several new and updated resources from our expert analysts that are available to assist state leaders and all voters this Election Day and beyond. The webpage features Information on ballot measures, security, voter confidence and more.

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