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CSG Celebrates 90 years

For nine decades, The Council of State Governments has championed excellence in state governments. We believe that the states are our nation’s laboratories of democracy. CSG strives to provide state leaders with the tools and research they need to enhance and strengthen democracy. Since the formation of this organization, we have kept one goal at the center of our work: to advance the common good. 

As we gear up to commemorate the last 90 years of nonpartisan work, we invite everyone to join in on the celebration and reflect on how to uphold collaboration that spans political ideology. We know that when we come together, we can achieve anything.

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CSG Logos Through the Years

"For ninety years, the secret to the success of CSG has been the incredible public servants who have offered their time and leadership to help guide and grow the organization. That growth is fueled by several key CSG values. We believe state governments are the engines of innovation. We know that all states can be more prosperous and successful when they benefit from the experience of other states. We also believe that our consensus based, data driven approach to public policy issues has helped bridge partisan divides and empowered leaders from both parties to advance the common good."