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Through CSG, policymakers can access options and solutions derived from evidence-based practice, nonpartisan research and peer-to-peer learning. The Council of State Governments focuses on public policy issues that impact states across the country and provide analysis to facilitate a better understanding of existing and developing issues to access potential solutions.

Accessible Telework: Strategies for Developing Inclusive State Agency Programs

Telework has increased substantially as a result of COVID-19. About half of all employed Americans now work from home, including 35% of workers who switched to remote work during the pandemic. In response, many employers — including state government departments and agencies — are developing or revising their telework.

Update: State Actions on Remote Legislative Participation

The Council of State Governments is tracking remote participation in the legislature in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Most states continue to prefer to at least allow participation by tele-means such as telephone or teleconference. Only eight states are currently not using any form of remote participation.

CSG Announces National Task Force Findings

CSG National Task Forces release two-year findings and state policy recommendations Two CSG member-driven national task forces release recommendations and innovative public policy solutions paired with state examples and opportunities for state elected and appointed officials to use as they work to improve health and workforce outcomes across their communities.

Businesses Turn to Tech to Meet State Re-Opening Guidelines

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