Congratulations to the 14 state and provincial legislators comprising the class of 2023 Birkholz Fellows.

The Birkholz Institute is an ongoing initiative of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Legislative Caucus (GLLC) — a binational, nonpartisan group of legislators that receives staff support from CSG Midwest. Through the institute, a small group of legislators comes together to take a deep dive into an issue on the GLLC’s policy agenda and develop policy ideas.

This year’s focus is “Climate Resiliency in Great Lakes Communities.” The institute began in late March with a webinar that explored climate trends and impacts in the Great Lakes region.

On April 21-22, this year’s Fellows will meet in Detroit for a two-day policy workshop. The GLLC is excited to convene this passionate group of legislators and focus on this critical policy area. The 2023 Birkholz Fellows are:

Illinois Sen. Laura Ellman
Indiana Rep. Maureen Bauer
Michigan Sen. Joe Bellino and Reps. Jenn Hill and Stephanie Young
Minnesota Rep. Athena Hollins and Sen. Karin Housley
Ohio Rep. Daniel Troy
Ontario MPPs Ric Bresee and Jennifer French
Québec MNAs Jöelle Boutin and Désirée McGraw
Wisconsin Sen. Kelda Roys and Rep. Deb Andraca

These biennial institutes are named in honor of the GLLC’s founder, the late Michigan Sen. Patricia (Patty) Birkholz. Sen. Birkholz’s vision for the GLLC was to “bring key Great Lakes lawmakers together regularly to share knowledge and hear other perspectives” for the purpose of “improving the impact and uniformity of practices established in statute.”

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