Across the 11-state Midwest, legislatures considered bills in 2023 that aim to address teacher shortages. The table on this page lists legislation signed into law over the past year. Among the policies being pursued under these new laws:

  • changes to teacher licensure requirements;
  • alternative pathways to licensure;
  • new financial assistance for new and veteran teachers, and;
  • modifications in the requirements for substitute teachers

CSG Midwest is tracking teacher-shortage measures in state legislatures as part of its support of the Midwestern Legislative Conference Education and Workforce Development Committee. It will continue to do so throughout the biennium.

The goal of this tracker is to identify and list all relevant new laws. If you believe a new law from 2023 should be added to this tracker, please contact Derek Cantù, CSG Midwest’s lead staff person for the Midwestern Legislative Conference Education & Workforce Development Committee.

The creation of a legislative tracker for teacher-shortage legislation in 2024 is coming soon.

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